Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cakefight - Cakefight 7" EP

Conceived in Melbourne, Australia, and recorded in Austin, Texas, here is Cakefight.  The members are Andrew Porter and Vanessa Morris and they play garage rock designed to make your beer glass jump around on the table.  So press play below and enjoy Cakefight 7" EP.  I radiates summer vibes shot through with gooey hooks and excited yelps.  And if you don't have a glass with beer in it, get one.  It is that kind of music.  And for that matter, 2017 is going to be that kind of year.

Bandcamp for Cakefight 7" EP

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Campfires In Winter - Ischaemia

Ischaemia is the first album from Scotland's Campfires In Winter, and it is the perfect debut long-player from one of the finest post punk bands of which you may never have heard.  Over the course of a few shorter recordings the band proved that it could pack a weighty punch with epic rocking tunes as well as quiet and intimate songs.  What Ischaemia proves is that Campfires In Winter is more than capable of maintaining consistently superb songwriting and performances over the course of an album, with intense, fully detailed songs of grace, intelligence and power.

Lead track "Kopfkino" deserves showcase status, and with the following "Free Me From the Howl" I was in love with the album after two songs.  But for me the beating heart of Ischaemia is the run of "Greeted By The Storm", "Eating All The Bodies", "Twelve Thousand Drops", "The Sky Is Taking On Light", and "With A Ragged Diamond".  It is a five-song streak that will rival any such run on any album released this year.  Can a debut album be a greatest hits album?  Maybe so ...

Campfires In Winter are Robert Canavan (lead vocals/lead guitar), Wullie Crainey (bass), Scott McArthur (keys/guitar), and Ewan Denny (drums).  Ischaemia is out on Friday, February 24, in vinyl, CD and digital formats via Glasgow's Olive Grove Records.

Olive Grove's Bandcamp page for Ischaemia

"I'm So Scared" by Ruth Carp and the Fish Heads

Ruth Carp And The Fish Heads deliver the lo-fi, jangling slacker pop that we really like around WYMA world headquarters.  With a US tour beginning in early March, and an upcoming LP titled Can Men Like Us Go To Heaven, it seems like a good time to introduce the Sydney band to our readers.  And the boys have cooperated by releasing album track "I'm So Scared" as a free Bandcamp download and the subject of the video below.  Enjoy the song, enjoy the video, and note the tour dates and venues at the bottom of the post.  Ruth Carp And The Fish Heads - doesn't that name just scream "breakfast time" to you?  We're headed to the staff lounge to see what's available.

Bandcamp for "I'm So Scared"

3/5 - Los Angeles, CA - The Mint
3/7 - Los Angeles, CA - Silverlake Lounge
3/9 - Austin, TX - Dozen Street
3/11 - San Antonio, TX - k23
3/12 - Houston, TX - Super Happy Fun Land
3/13 - New Orleans, LA - Rare Form
3/16 - Nashville, TN - The Springwater Supper Club and Lounge
3/19 - Black Mountain, NC - Town Pump
3/21 - Raleigh, NC - Slims Downtown
3/22 - Philadelphia - Kung Fu Necktie
3/24 - Brooklyn, NY - Alphaville
3/30 - Cleveland, OH - Now That's Class
4/5 - Chicago, IL - Township
4/9 - Los Angeles, CA - The Trip

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Goddam Nobody - Dead Beat

We like to style ourselves as the champions of the undersigned, unsigned, little knowns, unknowns, just-getting-started and even a Goddam Nobody.  In fact, this post isn't even our first attempt at promoting Goddam Nobody.  Avid readers and shut-ins with no television may remember our October 2015 introduction to Goddam Nobody (here), which included some free downloads.  Happily, Matthew Oliver, who is the primary Goddam Nobody (although he has help from Ben Woods, Daniel Morris, Matt Cleave, and Dan E. Brown), has crafted an EP that will be available via Super Fan 99 this Friday, February 24.  The man has a knack for hooks and melodies in which to place them, and his lo-fi fuzzy guitar style hits our sweet spot.  For this outing Oliver's songs have a bit less of the '60s retro style and a bit more '90s alt rock style.  You won't hear any complaints from us, and if you are a fan of the Brian Jonestown Massacre you may be particularly pleased.  Check out showcase title tune "Dead Beat", and if you want more, stream it below.

Superfan 99 Records page for Dead Beat
Superfan 99 Records on Soundcloud

Monday, February 20, 2017

Middle Kids - Middle Kids

Sydney's Middle Kids are hitting 2017 at a full run.  Less than a year out from their first single, the trio has just released a remarkably self-assured and satisfying six-song self-titled EP.  Their scope embraces big pop hooks, sweet alt-country, chunky rock, and smokey ballads, highlighted by frontwoman Hannah Joy's powerful and nuanced vocals -- ringing in the rafters or cooing in your ear, depending on the moment -- and solid songwriting and performances from all.  "Edge Of Town" generally gets the nod as the showcase tune, but you aren't going to find a weak song in the set and there probably would by votes for "Your Love", "Never Start" or one of the others if you put it to a fan vote.  But why choose - you can enjoy them all.

Note that the band is touring North America now.  We've included the dates and locations down below.

Middle Kids are Hannah Joy (vocals/guitar), Tim Fitz (producer/multi-instrumentalist), and Harry Day (drums).  The Middle Kids EP is out now via Domino.  See the Bandcamp link below for streaming and digital downloads.

February 21 || Seattle, WA || Barboza 
February 22 || Portland, OR || The Fremont Theater 
February 25 || Los Angeles, CA || The Echo 
February 28 || Denver, CO || Lost Lake Lounge 
March 1 || Kansas City, MO || The Tank Room 
March 3 || Nashville, TN || The Basement 
March 4 || Charleston, SC || The Music Farm * 
March 5 || Charlotte, NC || The Fillmore * 
March 6 || Saxapahaw, NC || Haw River Ballroom * 
March 7 || Atlanta, GA || The Tabernacle * 
March 10 || Baton Rouge, LA || Varisty Theatre * 
March 11 || Fayetteville, AR || George's Majestic Lounge * 
March 12 || Omaha, NE || Sokol Auditorium * 
March 14 || Madison, WI || Majestic Theatre * 
March 15-16 || Austin, TX || SXSW 
March 18 || Chicago, IL || Riviera Theater * 
March 19 || Indianapolis, IN || Egyptian * 
March 21 || Detroit, IL || St. Andrews Hall * 
March 22 || Toronto, ON || Danforth Music Hall * 
March 23 || Pittsburgh, PA || Stage AE * 
March 24 || Covington, KY || Madison Theater * 
March 29 || Philadelphia, PA || Boot & Saddle 
March 30 || Washington, DC || DC9 
April 1 || Brooklyn, NY || Baby's All Right 

 * with Cold War Kids

Bandcamp for Middle Kids

"Elevator" by PONCÉ

Perhaps shockingly, When You Motor Away is starting out the week with some elevator music.  Yes, the first post of the week is "Elevator" by Nashville-based duo PONCÉ.  The band is comprised of identical twins Michael and Carson Ponce, and we think they have a sound that will carry them far.  Enjoy the "Elevator" ride, and we'll bring you more PONCÉ when their Afterglow EP is released in early May.


Friday, February 17, 2017

"Loneliness Is The Hardest Drug" by Lord Willing

We can't give you much background on the LA musician who calls himself Lord Willing.  The dude writes that he's had some professional and personal setbacks, but he also has written and recorded a very fine song titled "Loneliness Is The Hardest Drug".  While the title suggests a downer track, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the up-tempo R&B vibe.  We wouldn't mind hearing more from Lord Willing.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Courtneys - II

There are few albums I've heard in the last six months that have produced as many smiles as II, the new album from Vancouver, British Columbia's The Courtneys.  No, it is nothing the trio has said; nor is it attributable to goofy antics.  Quite simply, these ladies hit the ground with ten songs that have enough grit to remind you of the garage and enough polish to take their present and future in music dead seriously.  The harmonies are like a direct infusion of sunshine to your bloodstream, and the pace and energy are like three double espressos in a row.  Hooks, riffs, muscle, attitude -- it's all here and all sincere.  And the performances are piano-wire tight.  If you want a few references before streaming the selections below, consider The Clean, early Teenage Fanclub and Guided By Voices to be honored spiritual uncles to The Courtneys.  Good bloodlines are important in music.

One can wonder whether the fact that II is being released by iconic New Zealand label Flying Nun means that Vancouver is now the northern-most city in New Zealand.  On the other hand, it just may mean that Flying Nun has decided to conquer the world.  If conquest means putting out more music like II, sign us up for the effort.

The Courtneys are Jen Twynn Payne (drums/lead vocals), Sydney Koke (bass/vocals), and Courtney Loove (guitar/vocals).

Bandcamp for II
Flying Nun pre-order page

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Noveller - A Pink Sunset For No One

That Sarah Lipstate is an extraordinary electric guitarist is amply demonstrated by her work with the bands of which she has been a member, including Cold Cave, Parts and Labor and One Umbrella, and her collaborations with JG Thirlwell, Carla Bozulich, David Sims, and Lee Ranaldo.  But full appreciation of her talents is best achieved by experiencing her work as Noveller.  In this guise, she creates expansive, cinematic soundscapes, devoid of vocals but richly detailed nonetheless.  Her latest album as Noveller is A Pink Sunset For No One.  Layering sound on sound, with drone elements holding the lower end while Sarah's inspirations take flight in delightfully directions.  Her guitar, pedals and fingers conjure and entire assembly of synths, pianos, bass, woodwinds and other instruments.  One moment you can close your eyes and visualize fairies, another you sense an ominous presence or anticipate a revealed mystery.  You luxuriate in warm chimes, or shiver at the approach of thunder.  The detail is breathtaking, the timing is impeccable.   If you don't think you like instrumental music, you probably haven't given Noveller a chance.

A Pink Sunset For No One is out now on vinyl, digital and CD formats via Fire Records.  See the Bandcamp link below for details.

Bandcamp for album
Fire Records page for Noveller